Tuesday 2 July 2013

Saint Jean Cap Ferrat by Alexandra

The beginning of Cap Ferrat
I love Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat for one important thing: History. I love old houses. I cant get enough of them and I see less and less of them.
People nowadays build contemporary. I am not allowed to say that I dont like them as this is what clients are looking for, but they bore me. I love white but I love it when it is mixed with green and beige and grey, not at the same time.

Saint Jean Cap Ferrat is elegant and truly timeless. It has by far the biggest and baddest estates on the Riviera, and of course its one of, if not the most expensive place on the earth to buy.

It offers an interesting location, bang in the middle of Nice and Monaco, close to the airport and "La Petite Maison" on one end and Cipriani on the other. There is a quint fishing port and little stores. There are alot of famous houses. I am not allowed and have no interest to state who owns what but there are and has been many well known people that have owned property on this peninsula, if you want to know more then you should go on one of those boat tours during the summer.

As a general rule, my favourites tend to be those built by the King Leopold of Belgium. The very famous Leopolda is actually located on the hill behind the Cap, which is probably the most famous house of his collection. I worship La Radiana and I also love the Villa Nellcote which was made famous as the house that the Rolling Stones rented in the 70s. When I am on a boat I become a villa stalker, mainly of Nellcote, and it makes me sick that I dont own it or at least have friends that own it. One day, one day.

Concentrate. Luxury villa rentals on the Cap Ferrat are in high demand, and nowadays there are fewer of them. Geographically the area is not large and also there has been a number of properties taken off the rental market after being purchased.
Several have been renovated to a high standard and put back on the market with hotel like services in house. This  newly renovated villa on the Cap Ferrat is a perfect example of true luxury and excellent in house service.

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