Monday 24 June 2013

Saint Tropez by Alexandra

From the hills
Saint Tropez is one of the most sought after holiday destinations in the world, it also gets quite a lot of criticism notably that it is overrated and terribly expensive. Expensive it is. Overrated is an opinion.

I personally enjoy Saint Tropez in the summer. First and foremost it is, in 2013, the area where I rent the most amount of houses. I am not sure if it is because my website is set up that way or simply because it is the most popular area on the French Riviera.

When compared to other towns along the Coast, in my opinion, Saint Tropez has the most to offer for families and also for 'socialites' (by the way, it also has the largest portfolio of luxury villas on the rental market). Families are attracted to Saint Tropez as the beaches are great, there are alot of activities for kids to do such as water sports, sailing clubs, cycling, kids clubs and for adults, a great selection of restaurants, night clubs, designer boutiques and of course people watching or even recognising. Socialites go there as all of their friends are there, its like Disneyland for adults wearing Jimmy Choos.  

For me, the beach restaurants make Saint Tropez. Nowhere else on the Coast has this king of atmosphere (ok there is the Beach Club in Monaco and Anjouna in Eze but thats it), and they are just so much fun. My favourite is "Les Palmiers", it is ridiculously expensive, but the settling is lovely, the food is excellent, extensive wine list and the music is great; If I am bored and want to post pictures of famous people on Facebook (which I never do except Nadal with his shirt off) I go to Club 55. I cant imagine Rafa going there so it is not my usual haunt. Nikki Beach is great fun, again, great music, very cute waiters and the food is actually good. Last year they introduced a 'rotisserie' which makes a veggie girl green with envy, but luckily they roast potatoes and other vegetables. Ocoa makes great calamari (thanks Tony G), la Cabane Bamboo has great fish and very nice staff, go to Tahiti Beach on a Sunday lunch it ROCKS, Key West, Plage des Jumeaux... I could go on for a while, yes there are plenty to choose from.
View of Saint Tropez village from the terrace
All of this, and more can be arranged as I offer a complementary concierge service to all of my clients. It is important to have local people on the ground and I want their vacation to be as hassle free as possible. The good news is, that it is not me who does it :-)

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